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If you’ve been eyeing a new unit for months already.  And looking to upgrade to a better home to suit your desired lifestyle. But is still stuck at the phase of selling your apartment. 

I’m going to share with you my “Speed Closing” strategy on how I succeed in selling properties and help homeowners upgrade to their ideal way of living. 

Unlike many other agents that promises you high market value for your house. That only resulted in your apartment floating in the resale market till today. 

I’ll be sharing with you what I have been doing for my clients to sell their properties at the highest potential value over coffee. It’s not going to cost you a single cent if my strategy does not work out for you. So don’t take it from me. Just take on my 1-Hour coffee session challenge and I’ll give you a breakdown on my strategy in detail for free. I will tell you more in a bit, but first, let me ask you a question.

Ever Wondered Why Some Agents Can’t Seem To Help You Sell Your Property?

You’ve probably met a couple of agents before… be it close friends, someone in your social network or a referred agent. In fact, you might have engaged at least ONE super agent who has an extensive track record. 

BUT… when it comes to helping you sell your property… not so much effort was put into it. 

Resulting in your disappointment. Even after months of opening your house for viewings. Your property was still left hanging in the market. And so you find yourself randomly looking for other agents to help you on this project.

Scrolling through Facebook news feed for ads from agents, Facebook pages and even Googling for profiles of property agents to take on this assignment. But you hesitated when you’ve found one agent that looks promising. Why? 

Thinking back, would it have resulted in the same situation as it was with previous agents?  Spending your precious time communicating and explaining your objective to an agent. Only to have them neglect your project and disappoint you time after time. And worse you have to be the one that presses them to deliver results instead of them having the initiative to actively help you sell your property. 

Which is a little contradicting to the agreement. I can totally understand. Because believe it or not, I can relate to how you feel! 

Backtrack of 13 years. I was a budding Real Estate Consultant with totally ZERO knowledge and experience about the industry and processes.

So I Went The Extra Mile As Compared To What Others Would Do 

I tried to beat the steep learning curve. And dedicated all my time to learning more than just selling properties. It was like an art. I’ve tried and tested various tactics and sources to attract buyer enquiries. 

Studying the industry from one district to another. And honing my people skills at the same time. After months of aggressively implementing almost every possible way.

Burning through my capital to help my clients advertise properties. I finally managed to sell properties at decent offers. But it was not at the kind of results I was looking for. (It could have been way better) It was a combination of hits and misses throughout my first year. In fact… 

I Lost Lots of Time & Money! 

It was an expensive learning experience, but here’s what I realised after months of burning precious time and part of my capital.

Lesson #1: It Takes More Than Posting Your Property On Property Listings To Attract Buyers

Most of the time when we think of selling properties, we think of leveraging property platforms like 99.co, PropertyGuru, SRX or even Carousell. And pair it with beautiful snapshots of the interior of the house and it should be sufficient to get a boatload of enquiries. Truth be told this tactic fell flat over the years, this method is passive and it’s like waiting for money to fall from the sky. 

Therefore, when it comes to selling properties, it is necessary to be active! And how can you be active to yield more enquiries for home viewing? The answer is Creativity + Marketing. 

Like I mentioned before, video marketing + social media targeting + content writing! 

Lesson #2: Appealing To The Buyer’s Needs And Wants 

Many home sellers tend to think buyers only buy through the “feel” of the apartment when they come down for a viewing. But that is actually not the case. There are hundreds of other factors when it comes down to why a buyer would want to purchase your property. 

And most of the time they would have more “No, this place is not for me” than “AHA! I think this place is for me!”

So it is actually crucial to interact with buyers to understand their buying criteria. And I’m not just talking about the pros and cons of the vicinity or amenities around the area when interacting with potential buyers. I’m talking about how do you make your place appeal to them and how do you handle objections on the spot to turn the table around. 

And make recommendations that make them go “AHA! I think this place is for me!”. 


I’ve Tried Virtually Everything & I Found A Breakthrough

After my first struggling year as a Real Estate consultant. I came to understand the pain and frustration as a property seller. 

Especially missed opportunities to sell their apartments quickly and at a justifiably good price. But more importantly, I realized what I was missing! 

A Mission. And it is to Provide UNDENIABLE Value To Clients

“Partnering my clients with their assets growth plans with their best interest at heart.”

That is the mission I’ve developed. And it is only with this mindset, maximum potential value for properties and great client relations can be achieved. So, I decided to step up. Over the last 9 years of having this mentality when it comes to serving clients. And constantly testing my expensive lessons.  

I have refined these lessons into a complete formula called the “Speed Closing” strategy. And have been replicating it with success with many clients till today!  Which enables me to help clients sell their properties at the highest potential value. 

Success! I Finally Have A Proven Strategy That Consistently Helps My Clients

[REVEALED] How Did My Strategy Help Clients To Sell Properties Quickly!

So here’s the thing: 

As I’ve mentioned before in Lesson #1… 

Video Marketing and Social Media Targeting is critical to selling properties quickly. I know some of you may have heard of “home-staging” and “virtual tours” before. It is a trend that many agents are riding on right now. Yes, both are great tools to be used for marketing as it revamps your property to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

But the thing is Most “home-staging” and “virtual-tour” videos out there lacks a creative element to it. Having an apartment that looks fancy does not mean it appeals a buyer’s needs and wants! 

Remember Lesson #2? - Appealing To Buyer’s Needs & Wants

Every buyer has different needs and ones when it comes to purchasing a property Being able to handle their objections and creating that “AHA! I think this place is for me!” moment can almost instantly close deals. And that is where the “Speed Closing” strategy fits in. This strategy consists of a creative marketing stratagem! And my professional experiences in handling objections and deep diving of property to help homeowners sell their apartments easily. 

Here’s What You’re Going To Get When You Take On My 1-Hour Coffee Meet-up Challenge Today! 

Why You’ve Been Misled To Agents Promising You Sky High Property Value

And how to immediately understand the highest potential value your property can yield.

Speed Closing Strategy

How does Video Marketing + Social Media Targeting + Content Writing of + Objection Handling can help to transact your property in a hassle-free and quick manner. 

The 3 Secrets To Profitable Property Portfolio

Using my PPP formula… you can stop having to feel lost or frustrated when it comes to investing or divesting your property… Even if this is the first time you’re into property investment.

That’s right… 

It’s not going to cost you a single cent if my strategy does not work out for you. If you do not get value from my sharing session during this 1 hour. You won’t lose anything. 

But if it does work, you’re well on your way to purchasing that new unit you’ve been eyeing on or upgrading to your desired lifestyle or bagging a good profit from your property transaction. Without having to ever worry if your property is still floating in the market. 

There Is NO Catch! 

There are no obligations to engaging me if you do not find anything I share helpful.

All I want is to provide undeniable value and a peace of mind for you. 

I’m fully confident about what I’m capable of and what kind of value I can provide to clients.

Plus! You get to keep all of my secrets and strategy for free during this coffee session. 

So there’s absolutely no risk on your part to take action today. So click the button below, and let’s get started! 


To Your Success, 


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